Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nauvoo begins

We got a pretty early start and got out. Still no leak today. So many times I smelled radiator fluid, but I kept checking and the fluid was full and the temperature was okay. I drove most of the day. Julianne’s dad gave me a break for a little over an hour. We drove all day, with only a few breaks, and got to Keokuk Iowa at a decent hour so that the kids could swim, relax, and get to bed.
It was a day where the kids watched movies, visited, played games, did a little fighting and arguing, but for the most part it went okay.

This morning we got more slowly than I would have liked. And then we found a detour that made it take a bit longer to get to Nauvoo than we wanted. When we got there we went on a little carriage ride where we heard some great stories about the people who lived in Nauvoo. It was a nice little introduction. We watched a movie about Nauvoo  that also helped set the tone. Then we drove into old town Nauvoo and started going places. 

We first went to the Women's Monument, where tribute is paid to women. So significant!!! This is a statue of Joseph and Emma Smith

Jacob and Sabrina paying tribute to mothers
Tribute to Women, who cannot have a high enough tribute paid!
We went to the printing shop, the John Taylor home, the tin shop, the Browning gun smith shop, the Family Living Center, the Pioneer Pastime place, the Lucy Mack Smith home, the brickyard, the Cultural Hall, the bakery, the 70’s hall, and a few other places. We learned a lot and got a real feel for the place. Several of them have talked about how they love Nauvoo. They were also getting tired of it by the end of the day.
BJ beat me in the Teddy Bear race

Sabrina loved dressing up like a pioneer
Kaleb struggled with rolling the hoop, but kept at it until he set a new Nauvoo record

Alexia loved it here
Sabrina is so maternal

Little Pioneer Jacob
Tashara even got Grandma to be a pioneer

But Tashara couldn't quite pull her mom up
Nor could she beat her dad in a stilts race

The very nice thing is the spirit that is there. We spent forever at the Pioneer Games place, where the kids did all sorts of games they would have done in Nauvoo. They had a great time. Alexia says Nauvoo is her favorite place of anywhere, and it is because of the Pioneer Games Place. Every place is filled with a real feeling. You come to appreciate what the earlier Saints went through, the dedication they showed, the price they continually paid for being loyal to the Church and God. I think everyone was touched.
One of the Times and Seasons Buildings
The kids learn (again) about printing presses

This temple has a feeling that extends past the grounds and into the city
Alexia preaching in the 70's hall

Julianne really wanted to stay for some of the musical entertainment for the night. Most people didn’t want to. We had a hard time figuring out what we would do and it didn’t make for calm feelings. However, I have to say that I was impressed with BJ, who was dying to watch game 7 of the NBA finals, but was willing to give it up if it made things work better for his Mom. He didn’t have to, and it ended up being a tight, killer game, and the Heat won, which made him happy.

BJ, Tashara, and Kaleb making a rope
 So far the car still is doing well. Happy day.

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