Sunday, August 4, 2013


This morning we got up early, got all packed up and out of the hotel, and as soon as they had food we started eating their breakfast. Then we drove and drove. We got to the Church in Casper, Wyoming about 15 minutes before it started. We changed clothes and went in. It was a nice service. The radiator has fully stopped leaking, and even though we pulled up some steep hills, gaining thousands and thousands of feet in elevation, the engine ran cooler than normal. This motorhome is a miracle machine, meaning that it has been the recipient of miracle after miracle. The Lord has truly been mindful of us, and has blessed us and seen us through. The blessing we gave that motorhome beforehand, which I had felt so strongly it needed, has been realized in every particular. The Lord’s mercy to us in the smallest and largest of things has been incredible. The more I drive (and I have driven about 7000 miles in that now), the more I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for how the Lord has miraculously helped us on this drive. I am grateful.

Typical driving scenario

BJ and Sabrina passing time with Paper/Rock/Scissors

Seems like Mom was always making food as we drove. Thanks Mom!!!

Kaleb often kept me company and navigated while I drove (and drove and drove)

The kids loved riding in the cab-over. It didn't always work out well, especially if they weren't calm enough

The kids found all sorts of ways to entertain themselves

Jacob sometimes struggled with calm entertainment

Sometimes Julianne got to be with me up front. It was nice when that happened

From there we went with the Norcross family to their house, where they fed our whole group and we had a nice visit with a lot of very nice people there. They were all so fun, pleasant, and hospitable. It was a wonderful afternoon.
Then they took BJ, Tashara, Julianne’s parents and me to the Church. There was a world wide broadcast going on, and we saw the end of that. Julianne stayed with the younger ones to watch them. Then I set up to do a fireside. They gave me a pretty funny introduction, and then I spoke about the Book of Abraham, ending on the reasons why we should trust in what we learn from revelation and why we can believe what we feel from the Holy Ghost. I think it went very well. Everyone was so gracious. And then we went back to the Norcross home. They were so very kind to us. We all slept in the motorhome that night. I was planning on going back in to visit with the Norcross family, but I was so tired I just fell asleep.

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