Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moving on

We woke up early and started driving. We found a place in Omaha that would change our oil for us, and we had that done. It was even kind of fun for all of us to stay in the lounge, where the kids saw an infomercial they really got into and started chanting for Mom to buy it. Then we went to Winter Quarters. We spent a lot of time there, and it was a great experience. We helped the kids see how the transition from Nauvoo to the pioneers crossing the plains was working. I think they got a real feel for what happened at Winter Quarters.  Everyone learned and was touched, and I think the story started to really come together for them.

Kaleb and Jacob pulled the handcart
Then Sabrina and Alexia pulled it

They plotted out the route
Alexia tried her hand at living in a Sod Hut

Sabrina tried her hand at Sod Hut living too
Sabrina the pioneer

BJ and Jacob tried their hand at a wagon wheel odometer

Then we drove and drove. We stayed at a nice little hotel in Nebraska where we swam and dumped the RV and got it all ready and had a nice, relaxing time. It was a good day. During all our driving the radiator was leaking a bit, but less and less all along, until it was hardly leaking at all. 

Of course, dinosaurs are of interest too

There were amazingly powerful wind gusts. Some nearby places had small tornados. I had to fight the wind the whole time. The steering wheel was usually at about a 45 degree angle just to keep going straight, and often I was hit by such gusts of wind that we almost moved over a lane. I felt like I was really fighting the wind, and my arms grew tired as I wrestled with the wheel so much. But we made it through. I was glad to be done with that drive.

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