Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sweet Galilee Part 3

The next day we had our last day of classes. In a way it is sad. The classes have been so incredible, and I love studying this stuff with these students. They are wonderful. When it was all over I told them that anyone who wanted to come outside for a few minutes more and talk about a few thing could. We went out and looked at Hippos. I talked about how it could be one of the cities people saw as being set on a hill (especially since Gamla was mostly hidden from the side the Savior was on, and since this one would have been so visible. We also talked about the possible role it may have played in the swine story. But what was most interesting to me is that though this was an optional activity, every single student came. They hunger for good things, these students. They hunger and want to be good. They are amazing.

Moon over Hippos

After class we got all ready for a trip, then went to lunch, and then left. I went with the kids to Gan Hashloshah, where we swam with the Judd class (I like to call them my Old Testament class). We had a lot of fun. When we were done it was sadly time to say goodbye to my family. They headed home. Thankfully, Kaleb and Tashara stayed. We rode back with the Judd class on the bus, and had a very nice ride. I enjoyed being able to visit with my old students a bit. When we returned I had a nice time playing around with Tashara and Kaleb. I am so glad they stayed, we are going to have fun together. Glenn Lewis had made a copy of BYU’s game against Gonzaga the night before and left it for us. So my two kids, Kent Jackson, and Frank and I watched the game. Fun. Then we got some good sleep. Nice to not be in that apartment alone, nice to have my kids with me. These two are such great kids. I love them and am lucky to have them.
The next morning we had a great field trip. We went to Mt. Tabor. We were able to go inside the Moses Chapel, where we had a nice little devotional about the events on the Mt. of Transfiguration.

Inside the Moses Chapel

My class inside the Moses chapel as we talked about the Mt. of Transfiguration

I love to read the scriptures in the spot that is significant to them, and I love telling the students that they are in the chapel built for Moses when they read about Peter wanting to build a chapel for him. It may not be the right spot, but it still helps add to the significance. We had some nice songs, and a very nice time.

Tashara and I at the Church on the Mt. of Transfiguration

Then we went outside and saw where the battle took place between Deborah and Barak. That is such a great story, and it is so cool to do the story while we look at where it took place. From there we drove to Nain, but the little church was locked, so we just did the devotional outside of it. What a wonderful story. From there we went to Megiddo. Of course this is an amazing spot. There is so much to talk about there. I especially enjoyed being in these places with Kaleb and Tashara.

Kaleb and Kent Jackson at Megiddo

We covered the story of Thutmosis III attacking the place, and the Solomonic gates (so cool to see Solomon’s handiwork). We looked at the very old Canaanite altar, some storage rooms, some grainaries, the water system, etc. This is a very big, very cool place. So many people conquered it from so many different time periods, it is amazing.

Megiddo in the spring time

From there we were able to point out all the important and cool places all around. We are of course in the Jezreel Valley, and the Hebrew “Har Megiddo” becomes Armegedden in Greek (poor Greeks, never figuring out about “h”’s). So we spoke of prophecies having to do with Armeggeden (most of those that people lump in with it may or may not have anything to do with it), and the difficulty of distinguishing between literal and figurative. We pointed out Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Tabor where we had just been, the plain between them where Barak chased the men of Jabin right up to Megiddo, then Mt. Moreh and Mt. Gilboa, speaking of both Saul and Gideon. So many cool things that happened in all these places.
Then we went to Gan Hashlosha, and had a really wonderful time. One girl cut her foot on some glass right away, and I took care of her. We had some great rock jumping/diving contests, and a few more people got hurt. But mostly we had a great time. I especially had fun with Tashara here. Finally we returned home for a decent night’s rest. After Kaleb fell asleep some of the students came by and we talked about things until late. I so enjoy these great people.

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