Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heading up to Galilee

Wow, what a long, tired day. We tried to get out of here early. But it was too hard. I was tired, so tired. We went up to see the students who wouldn’t leave until later and say goodbye to them at breakfast. But Kaleb didn’t want to come up, so some of them came down and talked with him. We visited for so long, I couldn’t make myself stop, I love them too much. But we got a late start, and couldn’t quite do everything as a result. We went to Megiddo, which was great, as always. Then we went to Nazareth, but Nazareth Village was closed for Easter week, and the Church of the Annunciation closed a few minutes before we got there. So we walked around a little and looked at the countryside. Then we drove to Tiberias, where we were warmly welcomed by the Harrises. What a beautiful place to stay, what a great place to be. The branch house is an incredible place.

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