Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick update

So, after doing that final and quick Galilee update (see below), I am doing a lightning fast recap of the last two weeks:

So, I am too far behind, I will have to be brief and not get into too many details. Within our first week back from Galilee we went on two great field trips. One was to the areas around the temple that existed when Christ was there. I love this field trip, you can see and feel the Savior at every step. There are so many opportunities to teach, so many good moments to testify, so much availability to the Spirit. We were also fortunate that we were able to be part of several Bar Mitzvah processions. We got to sing and dance with them, and it was great.
We also went to several churches in the Old City. I only got lost once, which was very good for me. We saw the door which bears the name “HYDE”, which has a fair probability of being carved by Orson Hyde when he was here to dedicate the land.

We went to the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Mark. That was great because the lady there is such a live wire, and because there are a number of interesting things having to do with that church. We do so time in the Lutheran and Russian Orthodox Church, and we spend a bit of time in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Even though the students have been there a number of times I think I am able to help them see some symbolism that they may not have known before. We always have a good time there. All in all it was a fabulous day.

BJ receiving his First Class

The rest of the week was taken up by having great classes and spending good time with the students doing great things. Of particular note was last trip with Kent to see some stuff. I had already been to Gezer twice, so I would not have gone if it was not to go with him. And the saddest part was seeing Kent and Nancy go to the airport. It is so sad to see them go.
I also ran a District Youth Activity. We took them to the City of David, taught them a few things, went through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and then did a photo scavenger hunt through the Old City. It was great fun. At the end Carrie Judd cut her toe, and I hauled her to a gas station where we caught a ride home to get her fixed up. All in all, I think it was a ton of fun and hopefully a bit inspirational.
This last week we went to Jordan. Julianne watched all the kids so that Jill could go, and BJ came with me. I enjoyed being with him, it was wonderful. We had great weather. It was cool the whole time, and sometimes raining. We had to keep going from wearing jackets to not wearing them, which means that we were able to be the perfect temperature the whole time. BJ and I had an incredible time exploring a tunnel in a castle together. We had some flashlights and led a whole bunch down for a long, long ways. It was the best! I think he and I will always treasure the memory together. Petra was incredible. It rained just a bit at the beginning, which totally changed the color of the rocks there. It was so very beautiful. We hiked to the Monastery, did some touring of the temple, and then went up to the royal tombs. I was tired by the end, but it was wonderful. BJ helped me a bunch. We went to so many great places I wish I had time to talk about them all.

BJ and friends in a tunnel under the castle we went to

BJ and I at the theater of Amman, the largest in the Middle East

I am surprised by how much time Jill and Julianne have to spend doing Nancy’s job. They spend forever going through all the finances and making sure everything is ready for the field trips. It is so crazy how much they work. I try to help, but I am not very helpful. They work so hard, and I am a little worried that it is taking too much away from our family.

Picture of a Dove I took at the traditional site of Jesus' Baptism

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  1. love the dove photo! where is the hyde door? don't know if i like the idea of him and graffiti... interesting though!
    thanks for righting these reports, it's so fun to remember.