Sunday, January 31, 2010

Different day

Today was in many ways not that eventful. Dr. Griggs has been sick and was not up to doing much. We still went the the Supreme Council of Antiquities office to sign our contract for doing the dig, but found out that the security clearances have not gone through yet, so there was nothing we could do.

We tried to buy some things we needed for the dig, but Dr. Griggs got too sick, so we weren't able to keep going around town to get it all. Instead Kerry and Julianne went to the Cairo museum and spent a lot of time there. So much to see, and after a while you get numb from seeing too many great things.

We had dinner and then went to the big bazaar here. It wasn't really a great day to go to the bazaar. Not many shops were open, since it is a weekend day. Plus, Egypt was playing in the championship game for all Africa soccer cup. Everyone wanted to watch the game, and hardly any tourists were there. We had everyone trying to get us to buy their stuff because there were only about 5 other people in any of the stores anywhere, and they really wanted to sell stuff. After a while we left, but the taxi ride home was really crazy, because Egypt won and everyone was in the streets celebrating, waving flags, dancing, etc., and we really couldn't get through. It was full-on bedlam. Everyone in the whole city seemed to be out, filling the streets and sidewalks, dancing, making music, hanging out car windows to wave signs and flags, setting off fireworks, honking, and wildly filling every open space outside. It was really crazy.

But we finally got through, exercised, and now we are going to bed. It has been a different kind of day, but Julianne is getting to know Egypt a bit.

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