Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting ready for Egypt

We are less than a week away from going to Egypt. Dad will stay for a while, but Mom will get to go with him for a week. The last time Mom and Dad got to travel somewhere together was in 2008, when they got to go to Greece. The details of finding someone to stay in our house, some place for each of the kids to stay, ways for them to get to school, some of their practices, scouts, Julianne back and forth from the airport, etc. have been so crazy that for a while we thought Mom couldn't go. But now it looks like she will, and we are excited. It will be her first time to Egypt. She won't see a lot of the stuff most people go to see there, that will have to wait for next year. But she will get to see what Dad usually does when he is there. She will meet the officials he works with, see his excavation site, the place he stays, the people he knows, etc.

All of this is so that the excavation is a part of both their lives, not just Dad's. This is to help make it so that the excavation brings them together, not apart. It should be a wonderful week.

Thanks to all those who are making it possible!!!

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