Monday, February 1, 2010

Another different day

This morning we drove out to the industrial part of town. We spent some time with a metal worker (who was welding without any kind of eye protection). Together we designed two tables that he would build for us to use on the dig. He will now start building them.

Then we spent a lot of time planning out transportation and lodging for the rest of the crew. We called, and our security forms are still not ready yet. They want us to call back tomorrow. So we planned out the next few days.

Then Julianne and Kerry walked along the Nile and explored a street with a lot of embassies on it. We also explored the palace we live in. Not the most exciting day, but it was mostly spent getting things prepared for other days. We made some good friends of some of the work here in the hotel. They gave us free desert! We like those kinds of friends. Yum!

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