Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Day for the family!

We had a big day today! BJ played in his first young men's basketball game. In this stake all the ages play on the same team, so he was 12 playing against 18 year olds. He did well. He had a point, a steal, a sweet hussle rebound, played great defense, and got out of some traps set for him by two people at a time, both of whom were almost two feet taller. He had a good game and did great!

Tashara had a huge day! It was her first ballroom dance competition. A whole bunch of grade schools had their teams go and compete against each other. Each partnership was called up (in groups) and had a type of dance randomly drawn, which they then danced as the judges watched. Tashara ended up dancing the cha cha, and the merengue (no idea how to spell that). She did great! When it came time for awards, you could tell how great she did. Her team won a gold medal (a few of them won that). Tashara won "top performer" for her level, and her school won first place for their level! She has worked hard, and it surely paid off!

Those weren't our only adventures, but we probably shouldn't share the adventures of our youngest ones eating gum and crackers they found on the floor of the bleachers while watching the competition, or of how difficult it is to actually get anyone to go to bed around here, or how Dad's blood pressure skyrockets as people exhibit their going-to-bed-inabilities, or what an adventure it is for the kids to listen to Dad tell them off for five minutes about how they need to learn to go to bed. Those are adventures best not mentioned. Instead, just remember that BJ had a great performance, and Tashara literally had an award winning performance in every way!


  1. Way to go BJ and Tashara! Timmy would have enjoyed those bleachers - I'm still trying to get him to chew gum without swallowing it. I keep thinking he's got the concept and the next thing I know it's gone. We go through packs of gum a day just trying ... not really.

  2. Holy huge trophy Tashara! Hopefully she didn't pull a muscle hoisting that baby and prevent further cha cha cha wins.
    Good to see you in the blogging world.