Friday, June 28, 2013

Yorktown and Jamestown

We slept in a tiny bit, got all ready and headed out. We got to Yorktown by just a bit after 9, slowed down a little by kids who didn’t get up and get going well. Yorktown was fabulous. I think the movie explained it very well. Then we bought a cd that took us on a driving tour. We drove around while we listened to explanations and dramatizations of what we saw. We got out a few times to explore things. I think it was amazing. We also loved the gift shop, partially because it made us think so much of the soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War and especially George Washington, who is really a hero of mine. This was wonderful stuff.

Then we went to Jamestown. It was pretty good, but I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as Yorktown. Still, it was very enjoyable. Kaleb told us all about it. He really, really knew his stuff. I was so impressed. He has gotten into history and can really do this.

Jamestown Settlement

Monument at Jamestown. Everyone needs and obelisk here and there.

Then we paid quite a bit of money to get into the Jamestown settlement where they have rebuilt things. That was also great. We saw the real stuff and then did things that helped us really picture it. I always think that is worthwhile. We had thought about going to Williamsburg, where they do re-enactments, but it is so expensive we decided not to. We then heard that by just driving there you can see some things, so we decided to try that. We went in a few circles, and got there as it closed. Too bad.

We had rearranged our hotels a few times because we were trying to get in touch with and meet Julianne’s cousin, Cindy. So when we left we worked our way towards a hotel where we could be somewhat close to them to meet them. As we went we worked out with them to meet them at a Cheesecake Factory near our hotel. Julianne’s mom found it online and we went by. All the gps’s were mixed up and put it on the wrong side of the street, so we went in many circles trying to find it. We finally did, and pulled into the mall where it was, only to find out that there was no parking tall enough for the motorhome. I decided to just drop Julianne and her mom off and we would go to the hotel. As we got going to the hotel we figured out that it was far enough away that we must have dropped them off at the wrong Cheesecake Factory. So we had to turn around and get them. I had to keep paying tolls every time we went back and forth. We finally found them and got to where our hotel was an hour later than we should have. The Kids and I got out at the hotel and let the ladies go meet the cousin. This hotel did not have enough big rooms, so we had to spread out over three rooms. That left me trying to get kids to sleep and take care of them in several different rooms. It had me feeling a bit ragged, and I think it turned out to be a super stressful night for the whole family. I have been trying to laugh about it, but I think I will need a good night’s sleep before I can really laugh. I am still waiting for Julianne and her mom to get back. I don’t like having kids spread out in all these rooms and I can’t really make sure they are doing well. But I am sure it will all work out okay.

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