Friday, June 28, 2013


We have been very lucky weather wise. The day before we left there were still tornado warnings in the parts of Kansas we were going to drive in and sleep in. Because there had been such devastating tornadoes in the days before this had me very afraid. But late the night before the weather forecasts looked like it might move out of our way. We decided to monitor it along the way, knowing we had a few choices for our routes. But the storm moved and moved before us, always staying out of our way. Everywhere we have been thus far we have hit beautiful weather (other than the tail end of the winds hitting us a little the first day, but not badly), and they have told us of the horrible storms the night before. In Danville, MO, they told us that the night before they had all huddled in a tornado shelter for over an hour during the horrible storm. But that storm keeps staying just ahead of us. Hopefully that will just continue. Tomorrow it looks like we might catch up with it a bit, but I have thought that every night and every night we haven’t. I feel blessed.

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