Friday, July 5, 2013

Gettysburg and Valley Forge

We got up bright and early and drove to Gettysburg. It is a larger place than I had thought. We had to pay quite a bit to get in, but the movie and a painting with some dramatized lighting and voices really helped us get the gist of the place. Then we went to some of the more significant sites. Kaleb and BJ did a lot to help us learn about the places. BJ did a magnificent job teaching us about the battle there, and Kaleb recited the Gettysburg address for us. Jacob was falling apart and having a hard time often, so I missed some of the spirit of the place because of that. I think this trip has been harder on our kids than I had guessed. Everyone is tired, and stressed. It is hard to constantly be on the go and not have friends or familiar surroundings. I know I feel a high stress level about trying to always figure out where to go, how to get there, and driving the motorhome, which is tough. We all feel stressed. It has been a wonderful trip, but also quite stressful. I wish I would have gotten more out if Gettysburg, but I got a fair bit out of it.

With Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg
Kaleb and Alexia re-enacting in the gift shop

Then we drove to Valley Forge. The countryside in Pennsylvania is so beautiful. I really love it. The motorhome is working well and I feel good about everything. I haven’t been able to add air to the tires because they are a special kind for dual wheeled vehicles, and that has me stressed a bit. I have had to constantly add power steering fluid. But she is working well.

Valley Forge was wonderful. The people there were so helpful. The spirit there was great. We all came to understand and appreciate it more. We had some moving moments about George Washington and the army. We learned a lot and felt a lot. They also had a cd for a driving tour, which is such a great idea. We loved it. We are blessed here in this country. There is no doubt that God has blessed us and helped us. We are the benefactors of his graciousness and the sacrifice of many, many men. They went through hard things and we benefit.

The home in which George Washington stayed during the winter at Valley Forge
A room where councils of war were held during the winter at Valley Forge

The family outside the home George Washington stayed at during Valley Forge's winter

For me it was really a thrill to be in places where this kind of momentous history happened. And George Washington is a hero of mine, so it was wonderful to stand in places he had stood. 

Cabins built for the soldiers to stay in

Inside one of the cabins of Valley Forge

Family Pic at Valley Forge

Cannons at Valley Forge

From there we went to a nice hotel and had a very pleasant evening.

One of the beds at our hotel

Alexia and Sabrina enjoying the hotel

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