Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ward Camp, Hikes, Swap Meet, and more fun.

So, we are a bit behind on posting about the fun things we have been doing, but I am going to try to catch up. We had a lot of fun doing things at Ward Camp, like little carnivals, etc. We also went on the hike, but Dad and Alexia fell behind, and everyone forgot that Dad did not know the way to Laie Falls, so they went without them. So, most of the family had a short hike, and then turned back to try to find Dad and Alexia. meanwhile, Dad and Alexia went a different way and had a very nice hike, seeing all sorts of beautiful things. By the time they got back everyone was crazy worried, looking for them. Too bad, it was a nice hike for some. But we have really, really loved getting to visit with all our old friends.

Friday we went to the glass bottom boat, and had a lot of fun and enjoyed doing something we loved so much in the past. We saw fish, the kids got to pilot the boat, we played with sea weed and little sea critters. We loved doing that again!

We spent the next morning at th Swap Meet. The kids were great, very responsible about money, stayed together really well, handled being hungry, and we had a great time. We did some other things in Honolulu, and wore ourselves out having fun. Then we joined our good friend Kawika, his wife Uila, and his family for a family luau. It was soooo great! We got all the good Hawaiian food we have been hankering for. The kids had a ton of fun playing games, and of course the Vendiolas sent us home with a ton of good food. It feels like we are home in Hawaii, great fun, great hospitality, great food.

We also had a surprisingly fabulous time when we went to the beach along Turtle Bay. We did a little beach combing. Then we hiked through some cool jungle areas. We had heard that somewhere back there they were building some of the set for Pirates of the Carribean 4, but we couldn't find it and gave up looking for it. Instead we just kept heading for where we had once found some amazing banyon trees and done some family pictures there. We wanted to do another family picture. When we got to the spot with the coolest banyan trees, we found that they were building the set right there. So we took our family pictures, we swing on vines for a long time, and we looked at the area that was roped off where they were building the set. They wouldn't let us in, and wouldn't let us take pictures. All it looked like was a bunch of wood and chicken wire, but it will be fun to see what it looks like when it is finished and used in the movie.

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