Saturday, July 10, 2010

Too Much Fun (what's that mean?)

These last few days we did a Mom/BJ/Tashara trip to Hukilau to boogie board, a PCC trip, a Castle Beach trip with friends where the older kids had great boogie boarding and Sabrina freaked out the whole time because she was afraid she might get hurt by a blue bubble. We also had a good time when we went with some friends to Alligator Pond. It was nice, but then we had bad weather, and on of our friends got stung by a blue bubble. It was Kaleb's friend, Brett, and Kaleb was so good at taking care of him.

On Friday we went to Waimea Falls. We took a lot of time going up, taking every side trail we could find, stopping to make tops out of kukui nuts, etc. We also did a few family photos (which is not always the most fun time). We finally made it to the falls. The whole hike is gorgeous like no place else, and the falls are crazy nice. But of course we were all starving by then because we took so long to get up. We did, however, survive, and later had a nice picnic. It is such a beautiful place it just lifts your soul. We were ready to build a big tree house in one of the monkey pod trees and move in, but they wouldn't let us. There was a really nice Laie Kapuna auntie who worked there that made a nice weaving of a family of fish. She made 4 male fish and four female, matching our family. She did it just to be as kind as possible. It was very sweet of her.

Saturday was a day of lazing around for just a while, then cleaning, and a Mom/Dad/Kaleb snorkeling trip, with some of the best snorkeling yet. Then BJ and Tashara did boogie boarding at Hukilau with friends, and then we had a great dinner with our friends the Tuellers. We have also been having fun dinners or lunches with the Schades, Nilsons, and Lanes. It has been wonderful to be with old friends.

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