Sunday, July 4, 2010

PCC and a good day gone bad.

So we have been going to the PCC and having a ton of fun there. It is such a wonderful place and such a good feeling there.

One day we went boogie boarding at Hukilau beach. The waves were perfect, the kids were really riding them quite well (the older 4). We couldn't believe how well they were doing, they could really ride those things. After a while Julianne helped Sabrina ride a few as well. Then Sabrina was stung by a Jelly Fish in a way we have never seen. The thing wrapped around her leg a few times, and we couldn't get it off. As Julianne took her around looking for someone with Windex or one of the other little remedies to help, Alexia was stung in the same way. We took them all around to a bunch of houses and couldn't find anything that helped them, so Dad loaded them in a wagon and ran home with them and started trying to help them there. It was a nasty bad sting, and they still aren't so sure about going back to the beach, and when we do they always ask if there are any jellyfish (or blue bubbles as they are called here).

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  1. Ouch!!! Poor kids.
    Except for the jellyfish, it looks and sounds like you are having a great time there in Hawaii. Stay safe!