Monday, February 8, 2010

Whirlwind Days

Wow, this has been a crazy bunch of days. We had church on Friday, which was very nice. I have to speak next week. That night we went out to the airport to pick up the students.
The next day we went out to the site and opened it up. It requires going through clearances with the inspector general for all of the Fayoum, and then with the security police. Then we went up to our site. All of this takes a very long time. We had a few glitches with the security people while we were there, but we got things staked out and ready to go.
We spent the next two days taking the students around. We went to Giza and spent a whole day showing them various parts. We went at our own paces, and thoroughly explored the whole place. What a great experience. It was really very nice to work with Dr. Griggs there. I think we make a good combination. I learn from him, he learns from me, and we give each other good ideas. It is really quite delightful.
We then went to the Coptic Museum. It was a great place and a great experience. I really enjoyed it. There were things there that I think were very helpful for our dig.

The next day we went to Memphis. We spent some nice time there teaching the students some things, then went to a field where hardly anyone goes. There was a nice little temple there, with the remains of a number of altars. This was the Apis mummification temple and had huge lion couch altars for the mummification. It was a really neat site. Then we went to Saqqara. Again we moved at our own pace. We got into some very, very nice tombs, pyramids, etc. I again enjoyed feeding off of Dr. Griggs and getting ideas from him. I think we both really learned from each other, and that it was good for the students to be able to be with the two of us as we worked together. It was a long, but good day.

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