Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wrapping up

Last night I did not get really sick, but I also didn’t feel very well. This made it so that I did not sleep all that well. I was so tired in the morning, and a bit sick. But I could not miss anything today. So off I went. 

We got to Kom Aushim, the government storage facility. The director there, Mustafa, is someone we are getting along really well with.We did some conservation for some of the Egyptian digs, and some for ours. David also did a lot of photography. 

Paul and I went with our wonderful inspector, Ayman, to Fayoum city. There we met with the Fayoum head of antiquities police, Ashraf. We talked about the encroachment upon Philadelphia. He said he would see what he could do, and asked me to talk to Ahmed Abd Alal about it. We also went to the post office and got a money order for Ayman to pay him for his services. Then we met with Ahmed Abd Alal, head of Antiquities for the governate of the Fayoum. We talked to him about how the season has gone, and how we hope it will go for next year and the year after. We gave him a model of the Seila pyramid as a gift. He was very pleased. We also talked to him about the encroachment at Philadelphia. Like Captain Ashraf, he said he would do what he could but acknowledged what a problem they are having with this kind of thing and how hard it is to do something about it. We can only hope. I like Ahmed and hope things continue to go well for him. He is great to work with.

We returned to Kom Aushim and I did some measurements of some objects there we are trying to publish. We finished up what we were working on and said our goodbyes to everyone. I especially hate to say goodbye to Ayman. I hope that we can work with him again, he is a great guy to work with. I got everyone paid, all fees paid, etc., and we were able to wrap up a great season. (In case you missed it, the last things we did was literally wrap up a bunch of stuff. Not bad, eh?)



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