Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Worship

This morning I thought I would be able to sleep in, but Julianne called me at 5:25 am to ask for help with a science project Tashara was working on. I don’t think I was much help, but it was nice to be a small part of it, even if I was so very tired. We all had breakfast together, and then came to church.

 I spoke in church today, and I feel like it went well. Then we were able to have lunch/dinner with the Lawrence family, a great family here in the area. The food was fabulous, the company was great, and we had a wonderful time. Then we came over to the building/house the branch meets in and hung out for a while. I skyped with my family and got ready for the fireside we are doing for them. Then I took half hour nap.

We had a nice turnout for the fireside, and I feel like it went very well. I spoke about the Exodus and Plagues and about Exodus and the Atonement. I think it went over very well. I am very pleased with how everything has gone. Afterwards I visited with the members of the branch for a long time. It was great, they are great people. I especially enjoyed visiting with Robbie Kongaika, who spent a lot of time in Laie and knows a lot of the same people I was friends with there. It made me homesick for Hawaii. Then I played with a little Asian 4 year old girl for quite a while. She is a little cutie, and just needed someone to visit with. She had a stuffed giraffe that we played with for quite a while, doing ring around the rosie, hide and seek, etc. We had so much fun that when it was time to go she offered for me to take the giraffe with me. It was quite touching. Instead I drew her a smiley face to keep with the giraffe as a way of us remembering that we are friends. It was so nice.
Lincoln is leaving early in the morning. We will miss him. He is a great team member

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