Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turkey Day Three -- Trojans Beware (as a Bruin would say)

The next day was mostly traveling. We drove forever, sometimes with the Marmara Sea out the window, sometimes it was the Aegean out the window. We took a ferry across the Dardanelles (the strait) and got to the big part of Turkey on the Asian side, or in other words, Asia Minor.

BJ crossing the Dardanelles on a ferry. The Persians, Spartans and and Athenians all had serious adventures within his eyesight.

Julianne, BJ and I on the ferry.

Me showing the studennts where we have been and where we are going as we cross the Dardanelles

Then we drove for a long time more. We finally got to Troy. Yes, Troy! BJ, Julianne and I were so excited to be there.

A map of the area. We went across the Dardanelles to Asia Minor, then drove to Troas/Troy, then slept near there. The next day we went to Assos and Pergamum. During much of the drive we could see the island of Lesbos out the side.

Students walking along the Walls of Troy

We walked around seeing the various phases of the city, and I especially enjoyed seeing Priam’s palace.

Priam's Palace

We finally got to a little theater that was next to some of the walls of the city that existed in the time of the war with the Achaeans. There we read several parts of the Illiad, having students act some of it out. It was very cool, and I think everyone enjoyed it. I will always remember reading from the Illiad in Troy.

BJ in Troy, with what used to be the shores of Troy behind him, where the Greeks would have landed

We also went to the model of the Trojan Horse they had there and read from the Odyssey and Aeneid about the Trojan horse. Fun stuff!Us three at the Trojan Horse outside the gates of Troy

We continued our wonderful drive along the Aegean coast. Somewhere in the middle of all these long and beautiful drives we told everyone the story of Julianne and I getting married. They always love this story, they really get into it.
We finally got to our hotel. The hotel was adequate, but the location was great! It was right on the boardwalk. We all went out and had some fun out there, then came in for a nice dinner, and then we went out and spent several hours going up and down the boardwalk. We got some local food that was supposed to be the best of its kind. It tasted to me like undercooked corn bread drenched in honey. That’s okay, I like my cornbread underdone, and I like honey. Most deserts in this country are swimming in honey. Worse things could happen. We also enjoyed watching a beautiful sunset, looking at local crafts, and watching BJ and some of the boys play basketball with the local kids. It was a great evening!

The harbor behind our hotel

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