Sunday, August 2, 2015

Family Reunion

Most of last week was taken up in doing a great family reunion. On Thursday we got together at a park and had some fun games wrapped inside of bubbles and bumping into each other. 

Bubble Soccer
More Bubble Soccer

Jaker in the Bubble
Then we went to a little lake and did some swimming and paddle boarding and other fun things. It was a very fun day and all the kids had a lot of fun with each other. 

On Friday we went to the Young Family Farm and saw their prize horses, their castle, and a lot of other animals. It was very fun. We then went to Leon’s church and played volleyball, basketball, and a lot of other games, and had a great lunch.
petting the show horses

Kaleb the Knight at the castle

A barrel swing at the farm

BJ in the Coffin at the western village of the farm

Then we went up into the canyon and we played Frisbee golf and went on little hikes, even up to a waterfall. We also played bacci ball. Mostly we just visited and had a good time. 

Eating in Payson Canyon

On Saturday we did baptisms for the dead, then got together at our house where we played card games, water games, volleyball and water-balloon volleyball and had lunch. Then we went up into the canyon where my Grandpa had herded sheep and cattle as a 10 year old. We told some family stories and did a little hike, and played Frisbee and games and visited and had dinner. By the end of the week we were very exhausted, but we had such a great time. 

Water Volleyball

More Water Volleyball

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