Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baptism day for Sabrina

What a glorious day it was on Saturday, October 12th. This was the day that Sabrina was baptized. We are so excited and so proud of her.

Sabrina is really an amazing girl. She is so pure, so thoughtful, and so giving. As an example, she was given some cookies as a gift for her baptism (actually 2 different sets of two different kinds of cookies). She immediately shared them, and shared them until they were gone. This is so Sabrina.

Her mom had her hair looking so cute, and she was so ready for baptism.

She understands the covenant she is making and was willing and anxious to make it. We are

also excited that BJ was able to baptize her. He is a good and worthy boy, and Sabrina was excited that he was now a priest and could baptize her. They practiced and practiced and so they were confident as they went into the font.

The ordinance was beautiful. The whole experience was sublime. She beamed and glowed! Her grandpa and great grandpa were the witnesses. Dad was able to give confirm her a member of the Church and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. As he gave her that blessing it was so clear that she was so loved by her Heavenly Father. As he told her that He was proud of her, she lit up. We are confident that she has a bright future ahead of her consisting of the opportunity to help people. She is such a good soul.

Lots of family came to support her and we had a great time at our house afterwards. A few families of cousins stayed the night.

The only downside was that her little cousin, Tanner, had to go back into the hospital that afternoon due to complications from his recent brain surgery. He is not doing well, and so his siblings will stay with us for a while as his parents take care of him in the hospital. He is such a little trooper, we are all praying for him!

Sabrina is an amazing girl, and we are all so proud of her!

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