Friday, March 4, 2011

Good and Sad

We went on a nice scout camp last weekend. It was a combined cub and boy scout camp. We went to Aijalon Park, which is beautiful this time of year, and has a few nice ruins in it. BJ, Kaleb and I enjoyed each other and the folks we were with. We had a nice fire, a good camp, and we slept quite well. The next morning we did a little hike which included a little geocaching. That was plenty fun, and I could see that turning into a family hobby. We also went out to Tel Gezer, a place few go to, but a very cool place.

Scouts pointing to a cache found using gps (geocaching)

A huge lizard we found on the hike

Scouts at Tel Gezer, in the huge Solomonic Gate

The field trip this week is easily my least favorite, though it is important. We went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. It is always a depressing experience. I would have mostly skipped it, staying out as much as possible, except that this time Julianne came. So I went through with her. The stories haunt me. The stories of children and parents being separated, the despair, the sadness, the baseness of humanity pain me and shadow me. It is an experience I would be glad to not have again, though I am sure I will. Fortunately afterwards we go with the Judaism teacher, Ophir, to Mt. Herzl and learn something of the founding of the state. That is less depressing and interesting.

Students inside the Holocaust Museum

Students at one of the children's memorials at Yad Vashem

Ophir teaching the students on Mt. Herzl

It was my last field trip with my Old Testament students. That is also depressing. While I know I will love my New Testament class, I will sure miss these guys.

My OT class. Sure love these guys.

One day this week I finally found a morning I was looking for, one where it was not misty at sunrise. I was excited to use our new camera to catch a few good shots.

One of my favorite sights from our building

A Panorama view from our place. This view is one of my favorite sights in the world.

Not a very exciting week. Mostly it consisted of getting busy work done. I am excited to start teaching the New Testament again. Our first day of that class was this morning. It is so wonderful to spend so much time on the life of the Savior. I feel that each time I come to understand Him and His message better. As I look at the places he was wont to go, as I study his life and teachings, as I see the workmanship of his hands in the lives of these wonderful students and my family, I come closer and closer to him. That is what makes all of this worth it.

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