Saturday, August 28, 2010

A week living here

We have had a fabulous week. Our kids have adjusted to the time zone and new life with amazing ease and grace. We have had a squabble or two, but not more than usual, it seems less to me. We really like our place here. Julianne is starting to become adept at shopping here. We have had fun with the Judds, who have moved in next door. Dad left for two days on a trip to get ready for some of his field trips. It went well, and everyone survived. We have watched movies in the big theater here in the Center, have played in the gym, at the playground, and gone for a little walk or two. We even went to the Anglican school, and met teachers, got schedules squared away, etc.

While at the church in Tabga, which is designed to commemorate the feeding of the five thousand, as Dad was praying, the reality of the Savior's ministry came crashing down on him. While he has long known of its reality, the idea of sitting (again) where (or near to where) the Savior did such a miracle made it seem so real. With that came the overwhelming feeling of how real it was that God sent his son to do all of this for us. It was so immediate, so personal, so real, that it was a powerful moment of deepening discipleship. Oh how the Lord loves us.

Today we had church. It is such an incredible setting for Church. Everyone seems to have done well.

Mom and Dad went to the Garden Tomb today, what a great experience. Again, there in the tomb, the reality of the Savior dying for us, and then rising again, was overwhelming. We do not know better now than before, but I think we know it more deeply. He really did rise again, he really did it for us. How blessed we are to know it!


  1. What wonderful experiences for your family.

  2. Wow that is really amazing! I am so excited to find your blog. How long are you guys going to be in Jerusalem? I see you were in Hawaii this Summer again. Too bad we just missed paths there. What fun adventures you guys get to have!