Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to London and Oxford

Dad went on a trip to London for the first time. The conference was good. To get to and from the conference he walked through many parts of London, including along Baker Street (where Sherlock Holmes was supposed to have lived), and through Regent's park, one of the most wonderful parks he has ever seen. The whole place was really pretty neat. He went to the British Museum, the Ashmoleum Museam at Oxford, the Sackler and Bodelian libraries as Oxford, the Petrie Museum at University College London (where the conference was held), all over Oxford, including into the pub where JRR Tolkien spent a lot of time with his colleagues, and up to the house Tolkien lived in when he wrote his masterpiece. He also visited many places C.S. Lewis haunted. Wilfred Griggs, who lectures and studies at Oxford every year, showed him around. It was all very wonderful.

Bay Area Fun

Wow, what a trip. We went to Sacramento for a reunion. Great fun! We also celebrated Alexia's birthday there. We stayed on for a few more days, and then the family went to the Bay area. In two days we went to the Jelly Belly Factory, Golden Gate Park, the Oakland Temple, Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Spy Shop, and more. It was more fun than anyone should have, but we had it anyway.